Our First Event Recap


This past Tuesday, MYM held its first event at La Palapa. MaryBeth and I had a small but mighty group. We enjoyed white and red sangria, guacamole and chips, and some light appetizers. BTW, Margritte the owner of LaPalapa, told us that her restaurant will be featured on season premiere of the new Food Network show starring Ted Allen

I (Nichelle) spoke first by talking about our relationship with money. It’s just as complicated as your Facebook status, and everyone needs to sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation with money. I read aloud some interesting money confessions from Geezeo’s twitter to show how people have a thing about money. Some hoard it. Some are spendthrift.

Olga Savelov from Universal Mortgage spoke about your credit score is determined and how it is a very important factor in getting a mortgage loan approved. She talked about no credit history is worse than bad credit history. Your credit score can go up within 45 days if you pay on current debt timely.

For our next event in September, we will talk more about credit scores, and we recommend that you have your credit score pulled if you have not done so in the last year.

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July 20, 2008. event.

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