Owning Property in New York Is Possible

I have friends, clients, neighbors who own apartments and houses in this city. It is not impossible. In fact one of my friends is closing on a house next week. She sent me this email today.

More people should know about how to own a piece of the city. It’s really not as hard as people think. -CP

In the coming weeks, I will be interviewing people who have recently closed and they will share their experiences. In the meantime, read New York City Department of Housing and Preservation’s Home Buying Guide.


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Meet Olga Savelov

Olga Savelov will be speaking at our inaugural event July 15. She will tell you how you can start repairing your credit in 45 days. Olga is a Senior Mortgage Consultant at Universal Mortgage. She started on the ground floor of a financial institution in 1981 and was promoted to Executive Vice President / Treasurer and CFO. As a CFO, Olga successfully negotiated business financing contracts. Since she enjoyed that aspect of her job so much, Olga then decided to make the transition to originating home loans full time, and has consistently been one of the highest producing mortgage consultants in her region. Her business is 100% referral based, which is a testament to the strong relationships she has built with her business partners and clients.

Olga is also a mom to two daughters. She has smartly advised to be property owners as well.

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Our First Event: July 15th

In this time of economic uncertainty, it is necessary to arm women with the knowledge and tools to make themselves “mortgageable”.

Please join us for a fun and informative event that will start you on your journey to financial prowess. Meet other women with similar goals and enjoy sangria, margaritas and light appetizers courtesy of La Palapa.

Make Yourself Mortgageable is a project founded by MaryBeth O’Hara and Nichelle Stephens. Olga Savelov is a mortgage broker and she will be a featured speaker.

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Glamour Article About Women and Mortgages

On the Glamour website, there’s an interesting article about a woman’s experience with going through the mortgage process titled, “Welcome To My Mortgage Hell“. Below is a small excerpt.

clipped from www.glamour.com

To own a home means you’ve grown up, settled down and staked a claim in the world. And, increasingly, it distinguishes you as a modern woman. Before the seventies, it was nearly impossible for a woman, married or single, to even qualify for a mortgage. (A woman who wanted to take out a home loan often had to sign a “Pill letter” or “baby letter,” pledging that she would not or could not get pregnant–the assumption being that motherhood would immediately render her financially unstable.) But by 1995, according to the National Association of Realtors, 14 percent of home buyers were single women, and in 2007 that figure was 20 percent. Single men, who are less likely to live with children (and, incidentally, more likely to live with their parents), buy homes half as often as single women do. Even among married couples, the woman–thanks to her better credit or general amenability–is increasingly the sole signer on the loan.

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Welcome To Make Yourself Mortgageable!

This space will be a resource for people who want to buy an apartment, house and/or summer home. In addition to news and information provided on this blog, we will have fun  offline events to assist people in being prepared for mortgage application. Our first event will be in New York City in mid-July.

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