The MYM Interview: Colette Prosper

Flatbush House, originally uploaded by nichellest.

My friend Colette and her fiance just closed on July 30 on a beautiful house in Brooklyn.

Are you a first time home buyer?

What neighborhood did you buy?

Did you do 100% financing?

If you don’t mind answering, what percentage was your down payment?

Any unexpected surprises during the closing process?
The broker who was a MAJOR dick throughout the entire process actually put some money in escrow for us for an ancient boiler that needs fixing.

How long was the process (from when made an offer to when you closed)?
We made our offer back in mid May and did not close until July 30. The bank was incredibly slow in giving us approval and then they took forever to finally clear us for closing.

What’s the one tip you would pass on to anyone who is buying right now?
Get a good lawyer. Mine was Rashidah Siddiqui at Serpico, Serpico, and Siddiqui on Court Street in BK.

What do you love most about owning your home?
Having a backyard. We bought a limestone (a light-skinned brownstone) in Flatbush for a steal. Please buy in Flatbush, people so you can get a backyard too!


August 1, 2008. Tags: , . interview, real estate.

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