Glamour Article About Women and Mortgages

On the Glamour website, there’s an interesting article about a woman’s experience with going through the mortgage process titled, “Welcome To My Mortgage Hell“. Below is a small excerpt.

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To own a home means you’ve grown up, settled down and staked a claim in the world. And, increasingly, it distinguishes you as a modern woman. Before the seventies, it was nearly impossible for a woman, married or single, to even qualify for a mortgage. (A woman who wanted to take out a home loan often had to sign a “Pill letter” or “baby letter,” pledging that she would not or could not get pregnant–the assumption being that motherhood would immediately render her financially unstable.) But by 1995, according to the National Association of Realtors, 14 percent of home buyers were single women, and in 2007 that figure was 20 percent. Single men, who are less likely to live with children (and, incidentally, more likely to live with their parents), buy homes half as often as single women do. Even among married couples, the woman–thanks to her better credit or general amenability–is increasingly the sole signer on the loan.

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June 12, 2008. Tags: , . mortgages.

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